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Great Work from nAs web designers, we’re used to designing for the particular constraints and capabilities of web browsers, and there’s a ton of great advice out there to help. HTML emails are a different story, though – they’ve often been the black sheep of the web design Html Email Newsletter Design Chennai world, and have either been ignored or actively repelled.

Despite that, HTML email usage continues to grow, and it has continually proven to be an effective tool for businesses to communicate with customers.

Studies over recent years have shown that, on average, email marketing provides as in revenue.

Let’s be clear here: we’re not talking about spam! We’re talking about email that people have explicitly requested, like the BBC news headlines or your hotel booking confirmation. If you don’t have permission to email people, don’t email them, no matter how nice your design is. We’re also not saying that every email should be HTML.

Whether we like it or not, HTML email is here to stay, and since someone needs to design it, that person should be a web professional. However, an email is not a web page. When you design a web site, you know that the visitors probably have some idea of what to expect.

They may have clicked on a search result, or a link from another site, so they have a context in which to understand your pages. When they arrive, you have the whole browser window in which to display your message.

Email is different.

An email inbox is a very noisy place, with tons of messages, folders, calendars, and other distractions. Your subscribers may only ever read the subject line, or perhaps see your email through a tiny preview pane, so you need to design it accordingly and make the best use of the screen space and time the reader gives you.atel - web design company chennai. The results have exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the speed, creativity and the patient approach of the team, these was possible to do quickly and efficiently at no extra cost to us, unlike other website companies. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

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